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QA004 REV NONE 2/28/2007

A brief history

Throughout the past decade there has been a dedicated focus in this country to develop, maintain, and achieve recognition for working to a quality system that promotes continuity, improvement, cost reduction, and total customer satisfaction. Many standards have been developed to provide guidelines to promote these disciplines. Many firms encouraged their suppliers to conform and seek certification to these standards with promises of new and sustained business partnerships. Alton Manufacturing embraced these standards as a bono fide methodology for running our business. We developed policies and procedures, purchased ERP and quality system software, and spent tens of thousands of dollars on training and consultants. We eventually were certified to the QS9000/ISO9001 standard by a certified registrar.

The costs to achieve and maintain this certification were not insignificant. Alton felt it was money well spent when compared to the cost of poor business practices. When our registration was due for recertification Alton took the time to evaluate the current standard, our customer requirements, the benefits of registration, and the increasing cost of maintaining 3rd party registration.

It was finally determined that we would uphold all of our existing policies and procedures. There would be absolutely no change in our business practices or quality systems. The only outcome that deviated from our previous activities was the consensus to no longer seek certification to an accredited registrar. The guidelines set by the RAB (Registrar Accreditation Board) have made it genuinely cost prohibitive for waste conscious businesses like ourselves to seek a stamp of approval for the systems we develop, we maintain, and we improve upon.

Alton promises to all our customers the highest customer satisfaction, lowest cost, and quickest response possible.

QA004 REV NONE 2/28/2007


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