Capabilities Overview

Alton provides the results you want from one versatile source.  We offer total manufacturing solutions with the quality, cost effectiveness and delivery needs our valued customers expect and deserve.  Alton achieves this by offering a wide range of highly developed capabilities that span the entire manufacturing process starting with product design all the way through to delivery.  Our variety of state of the art high speed machining centers, punch centers & punch presses, lasers, CNC press brakes, and robotic welders allow us to manufacture the precision metal components our customers require.  Alton Manufacturing also offers full service assembly, mechanical testing, and electrical testing.  Our multi-tasking assembly team incorporates the use of dedicated work areas and flexible cells which are used for low and high volume productions.  


Precision CNC Machining Alton has the latest machine tool technology and is utilized in our variety of high speed machining centers which range from vertical to horizontal with 3 axis and 4 axis capabilities.  Whether machining parts from solids, extrusions, castings, or weldments, our diverse capabilities will meet all of today's requirements. 




Sheet Metal Fabrication - Laser cutting machines coupled with CNC press brakes enable Alton to produce complex multiple forms, sophisticated, chassis's and custom cabinetries.  Brakes are quickly set up with minimal tooling invested.  A variety of hardware assembly equipment is available to meet your specific needs.  





Precision Stamping - Our state of the art high speed punching centers use a wide range of universal tooling capable of forming, countersinking, tapping, semi perfs, and ribs all in one quick and easy set up.  Our punch presses range from 45 ton to 300 ton, with coil feed capacity up to 18" wide and can maintain tolerances up to +/-.0005" insuring the necessary fit and functionality of each part.  We run and maintain stamping dies of any type, on site or contract manufacturing.  




Full Service Assembly - Our multi-tasking assembly team has the strength to meet today's demands by incorporating the use of dedicated work areas and flexible cells which are used for low and high volume production runs.  Documented procedures as well as photo documentation are added for quality assurance.  Customized packaging is also available and Alton can maintain an inventory of spare parts for your service requirements.  



Welding - Alton's robotic MIG and plasma arc welders provide our customers the consistency needed to achieve the tightest tolerances associated with the  most complex assemblies in the world today.  We employ a continuous improvement approach with a focus on productivity.  In addition, we offer a complete line of CNC projection spot welders, TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW) and Stud welding processes.




Common fabricating materials 

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cold Rolled
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Lead

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