Metal Stamping

Our state of the art high speed punching centers use a wide range of universal tooling capable of forming, countersinking, tapping, semi-perfs, and ribs all in one quick and easy set up resulting in substantial cost savings.  Our punch presses range from 45 ton to 300 ton, with coil feed capacity up to 18" wide.  We run and maintain stamping dies of any type, on-site or contract manufacturing.  


Alton has one of the finest metal stamping facilities in the United States today. We offer a blend of over 40 Minster Punch Presses ranging from 30 to 300 tons. We have the capability of producing the most complex metal stamping in any quantity. Through the utilization of our fully integrated MRP system, we have a proven track record of consistently satisfying our customers JIT production demands. All stamping operations are performed utilizing certified processes and are monitored by statistical process control.


  • (1) 200 Ton Minster Straight Side 44x72 Bolster Auto

  • (1) 300 Ton Minster Straight Side 42x72 Bolster Auto

  • (7) 100 Ton Minster Straight Side 31x48 Bolster Auto

  • (1) 150 Ton Federal OBI 30x30 Bolster

  • (2) 110 Ton Minster OBI 27x42 Bolster

  • (4) 100 Ton Minster OBI 30x46 Bolster Auto

  • (1) 90 Ton Minster OBI 26x40 Bolster

  • (2) 75 Ton Minster OBI 24x46 Bolster

  • (10) 60 Ton Minster OBI 21x32 Bolster

  • (2) 60 Ton Kamatsu Hydraulic OBI Adjustable Stroke 22x36 Bolster

  • (4) 45 Ton Minster OBI 18x28 Bolster

  • (6) Straighteners Up to 18” wide

  • (6) Coil Stock Reels up to 8,000 lb Cap

  • (1) Amada Shear 120 Wdx.25 Thick

  • (2) Work Cell Conveyers

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